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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) Rise up as in fear.
Synonyms: uprise, stand up
Usage: The creaking of the house at night makes the hair on the nape of my neck bristle.
Article of the Day

The Right of Return

The right of return is a principle in international law which asserts that members of an ethnic or national group have a right to immigrate to and become naturalized citizens of a country that they, the destination country, or both consider to be that group's homeland, independent of prior personal citizenship there. This belief is sometimes reflected in immigration laws that facilitate or encourage the reunion of a dispersed ethnic population. Why is the concept controversial in some countries? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Evaluative Adverbs and Sentence Placement

Evaluative adverbs are used by the speaker to comment or give an opinion on something. Where are evaluative adverbs usually placed in a sentence? More...
Idiom of the Day

make (someone's) jaw drop

To cause someone to pause in astonishment, awe, or disbelief, especially with his or her mouth left open. More...

This Day in History

US Approves Antiretroviral Drug AZT as a Treatment for AIDS (1987)

Though it was originally developed as an anticancer drug in 1964, azidothymidine (AZT) was never approved for that purpose. Two decades later, however, it was discovered to be effective in fighting HIV. At the time, thousands of people were dying of AIDS, and no other treatment was forthcoming. For humanitarian reasons, the drug was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in a matter of months, rather than the usual eight to 10 years. How does the drug prevent HIV from reproducing? More...
Today's Birthday

Burrhus Frederic "B.F." Skinner (1904)

Forgoing his early goal of being a writer, Skinner earned his doctorate in psychology at Harvard, where he later spent much of his teaching career. A leading exponent of the behavioral approach to psychology, Skinner maintained that learning occurs as a result of an organism responding to, or operating on, its environment, a phenomenon he called operant conditioning. Skinner did extensive research with animals and, during WWII, worked for the US government training what animal to guide missiles? More...
Today's Holiday

Nowruz (Iranian New Year) (2018)

The first day of spring (nowruz means "new day") is celebrated by all religious groups in Iran and Afghanistan. In Iran, Nowruz is an event lasting 13 days, during which people wear new clothes, give gifts, and visit friends and relatives. Banquet tables traditionally hold seven foods starting with the letter S. Plates with sprouting wheat symbolize fertility, as do eggs, which are colored. Other symbols are a mirror, candlesticks, and a bowl of water with a green leaf in it. The 13th day after Nawruz is Sizdah-Bedar, and everyone picnics in the country or on rugs in city parks. More...
Quote of the Day
Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.
Oscar Wilde
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: offer

bid - Derives from Old English beodan, "to offer or command." More...

carrot-and-stick - Refers to an offer of reward countered by the threat of punishment. More...

blind fold - Worn by the Greek statue for justice so she cannot see the bribes being offered to her, hence, blind justice. More...

cast pearls before swine - To offer something valuable to someone who does not appreciate it. More...

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